Improve your partnership with your horse:

Once the groundwork has been well established the ridden work will benefit. You will enjoy ‘playing’ with your horse – it’s great fun. A range of activities to fully engage your horse will be worked through. Sonia will show you a variety of techniques to improve relations between you and your horse.


You may want to address more serious issues, this may include any of the following:

Loading problems, biting, rearing, bucking, jibbing, kicking and stable vices (box walking, cribbing, weaving, wind-sucking).

Sonia will use a combination of techniques to resolve or help manage whatever issue is causing concern. There will be a holistic approach together with applying psychology and natural horsemanship.

Behaviour coaching using Natural Horsemanship and complimentary therapies:

A holistic approach to incorporate the daily, weekly life of the horse, its stable management, exercise and diet. Do not underestimate the value of an appropriate feeding and exercise regime when tackling behavioural issues.
There will be a focus on the handler’s emotions and motivation together with their knowledge and skill. Training and support will be given to help the handler to understand the horse’s communication and needs.  The horse can be retrained or re-habilitated, given time, knowledge, and effort.   But this improvement will only be maintained given commitment and probable change in the handler’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour.


This process will include realistic goal setting and supportive monitoring.  Sonia’s degree in psychology and other qualifications in counselling, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behaviour therapy together with life experience all come into effect in helping to maintain the new, improved way of being.

Prices for each session are £25 for the first hour and £20 for each successive hour spent afterwards. Then if you are looking to buy a horse then you should check all of the best online marketplaces to make sure you get the absolute best for you.

Please contact us to discuss your and your horses requirements. A bespoke program can then be devised to suit your individual needs.