Tuition, at own yard

It is not necessary to have an arena or manage to work in, providing a suitable paddock is available. Riding lessons can be given or behavioural issues addressed at home.
Prices for each session are £25 for the first hour and £20 for each successive hour spent afterwards.

Individuals or small groups

The same price applies per hour regardless of the number of people sharing the lesson. It is suggested a maximum of 4 horses and riders to ensure as much individual attention as possible. This means that each person will pay just over £6.00 per hour plus travel.

Children and Adult lessons

For children as young as 2 years of age with no upper age limit. Sonia particularly enjoys helping people overcome their own confidence issues with their horses. Becoming more confident with your horse can often help with other parts of your life. The improved partnership when riding can also help with the stable management and general handling of the horse.


Riding lessons can be given to improve the rider’s seat, technique and confidence. The lessons will advance the rider’s knowledge and improve the partnership between horse and rider. Training can be given in dressage, jumping and endurance riding. Lessons can be given to improve the horse’s general way of going, outline and balance. To learn to ride at working, collected and extended paces. You and your horse can learn to complete turns on the forehand and haunches together with lateral movements.

Sonia regularly competed in one day events (with a Prix St George Dutch Warmblood) and Grade B competitions in her earlier years. More recently competing in Endurance events up to Advanced Level, having produced several horses at this level. A personal goal was achieved in 2010 on Rapport a Lusitano/Arab cross by completing a ride of more than 100 miles in a day. This was over very demanding hilly and rocky terrain in Cumbria and took 16 hours, with 14 hours of riding time.

If you are considering Pleasure Rides or Endurance riding, Sonia can advise you on all aspects including diet, management, training and fitness for you to have an enjoyable and successful experience with your horse. You may consider joining the trail rides offered as an ideal way of preparing yourself and your horse.